Best Handheld Sewing Machines

 If you’re here to find out what the best handheld sewing machine is this year, then you have definitely come to the right place. This article will be highlighting the best portable sewing machines around and what features make each of them great. As time has progressed, we have moved into a world where everything is getting smaller. You can look at almost any piece of technology today and be able to see that over the past decade it has been miniaturized. After all, portability is one of the desirable characteristics of the twenty-first century. This applies to many things, but in recent years it has also begun to be widely applicable to sewing machines too. In fact, many seamstresses have been investing in handheld or even mini variants of their traditional computerized or mechanical sewing machines.

There are a huge number of obvious benefits of owning a handheld sewing machine, firstly they are so lightweight that you can carry them around anywhere with you. Similarly, due to their portability, you can use them wherever you want to, without the need of a sewing table. This obviously opens up the potential for people to multi-task while sewing, whether you’re keen to watch the latest Netflix series or get some other household chores done. Handheld sewing machines have revolutionized the world of sewing and this trend is only likely to continue long into the future too.

The Best Handheld Sewing Machines Chart

Below you will find a chart containing all of my favorite handheld or portable sewing machines, I have reviewed each of them below it and will provide a considerable amount of detail about them. Rest assured that these are, at this current time, the best products available to be purchased anywhere in the world.

Stitch Designs
Stitch Sew Quick
4.2 / 5
Michley ZDML-2
4.0 / 5
Sewing Machine
3.9 / 5

The Best Handheld Sewing Machines


Singer Stitch Sew Quick

Okay so, without further ado, I’m going to announce the best handheld sewing machine right now. The Singer Stitch Sew Quick is, by a considerable margin, the most ideal model for most people searching for one of these handy machines. You can purchase one of these entry level models for around $15 to $20 at any time from Amazon, however the prices will vary considerably elsewhere. This is a truly handheld sewing machine as it weighs so little, around one pound if I recall correctly and so it is one of the lightest models around too. You can easily transport it and spare thread around with you in a small bag without any difficulties whatsoever. In order for the machine to run you will need a set of 4 AA batteries, I would always recommend people to take some additional AA batteries with them as usually one of them is likely to die first. Of course, in the worst case scenario where you have absolutely no battery power left, you can indeed plug the Singer Stitch Sew Quick directly into a mains power outlet for it to continue running.

To be honest with you all, as far as portable sewing machines go, Singer have done a fantastic job of ensuring that this machine ticks all of the relevant boxes. I didn’t have any difficulties in setting it up once I got it out of its box, it was easy to use and above all it did exactly as I needed it to. As with all of Singer’s hand held sewing machines, this model was capable of working on a selection of different fabrics. Singer have provided a set of four bobbins with the machine and also three different needles, each of differing sizes too. These features enable users to vary the stitch length, width and ultimately create more creative designs with a handheld device. I would say that the holes that this model produces are quite small and so it can, at times, be hard to see where you are stitching. Despite this I personally think that this is the best Singer handheld sewing machine available for anyone, regardless of your experience at sewing. It’s also extremely affordable, unlikely to break at any time and can be found at a huge range of different stores across the country too.

Singer Stitch Sew Quick Review


Michley ZDML-2

Michley are a relatively unknown brand that produces a selection of handheld sewing machines, with the Michley ZDML-2 being their premium model. Despite it being their top of the range product, it can still be purchased on Amazon for less than $20 at all times. Designed to be small, convenient and to be used by seamstresses on the road. The Michley ZDML-2 is the perfect handheld sewing machine for all purposes. This model weighs in at under a single pound, it has one thread and functions at only one speed. So, as you can expect from any portable sewing machine, the Michley ZDML-2 is fairly straightforward to use. The brand have included a thread bag, 4 AA batteries and a 6 volt power connector too. One important consideration that must be made prior to buying one of these portable models is that it does not come with an adapter. Fortunately a 6v power adapter is fairly cheap and can be bought directly from Amazon too.

This machine is great at sewing on most fabrics, despite being fairly low powered. Some materials may prove to be difficult to use due to their density, such as denim or leather. However, I can’t see anything else posing too much of a problem at all. This is certainly not one of the best mechanical sewing machines around, but for the money you can’t really ask for too much more. Michley have done a great job at ensuring this machine can be used for repairing hems, seams while only having a single thread capacity. Switching this model on is achieved by a simple thumb-activated switch on the left hand side of the machine. I’d personally recommend this sewing machine for beginners, for kids or people looking to tackle the most simple projects too.

Michey ZDML-2


EIALA Sewing Machine

While this isn’t necessarily considered a heavy duty handheld sewing machine, the EIALA professional portable sewing machine is as close to one that you will ever get. This is another battery powered model that can also be plugged directly into the mains. This makes it fairly competent at being used when you’re travelling about or at home but lack a full size, or industrial sewing machine. When I first used this model it was most ideal for being used on lightweight materials like silk, cotton or wool. However I also found that it worked pretty well on more dense materials like denim and leather as well. It’s a great little driver that is good for fixing seams and hems too.

In order for you to get it working you must simply insert four AA batteries or purchase a 6 volt adapter to plug it into your electrical mains. If you’re out and about then you can expect four fresh batteries to last many hours without any difficulty. There is only a single speed with this handheld sewing machine, this may be a bit of a problem for the more seasoned seamstresses. However beginners will be more than happy to be using this machine, despite its obvious limitations. I personally would recommend people to use the Singer handheld sewing machine on this list over and above this EIALA model. Mainly because the prices are so similar that I can’t really see any obvious benefits of picking this one over and above the Singer. Despite this, both of them do function rather well and for the price you can hardly say that you will be disappointed with this machine.

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