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The Best Scissor Sharpener Tools & Machines of 2023

You put your sewing scissors through a lot of work, and each cut can slowly dull the blade over time. Keeping the blades as sharp is easy with a professional scissor sharpener in your arsenal. It’ll also reduce your costs because you can make a single pair of sewing scissors last much longer.

We must have gone through a hundred different sewing scissors at this point, so you better believe we know how to sharpen them! Here are the best tools available right now. Let’s get into it! 🙂

Our Top List

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1. Chef’s Choice 500 Scissorpro

Chef's Choice 500 Scissorpro, 2-Stage, White

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This is a professional-grade scissor sharpener that works for knife-edge and conventional scissors. It has precision guides built into the design that gives you a sharp edge without mistakes, and it works well on right and left-handed scissors. The base has four legs that adhere to your working surface to ensure they don’t slide or move around when you use it, and the compact design is easy to set on the corner of your sewing table.

One significant benefit of this setup is that this scissor sharpener allows you to sharpen the blades without pulling the entire pair of scissors apart. In turn, you can get back to your projects with minimal interruptions, and this can help your projects move along at a much quicker pace. You get an ergonomic design that is very easy to grip, and it uses two-stage 100% diamond abrasives to sharpen.


  • Diamond Abrasives – Yes
  • Guides Incorporated into the Design – Yes
  • Left and Right-Handed Scissors – Both


  • More than 25 stitch types included
  • Can draw your own unique designs using the program
  • All of the features from Levels 1 and 2 of StitchArtist are included
  • Stitches are instantly generated


  • May have to run them through twice

2. Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

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This scissor sharpener will give you even, consistent, and professional-grade results each time you use it, and you get grit belts that slowly hone the edge of your blades to restore the sharpness without overdoing it. You can easily replace the belts when they wear down, and they come in coarse, medium, and fine grit to match the level you need for your scissors. The guards sharpen your knives to a 40-degree angle to slice through fabric.

This slightly larger scissor sharpener has a broad base that sits flat to the surface of your sewing table for added stability, and the slightly heavier design allows you to use this product over and over without worrying about it sliding around. It runs on a standard 110-volt power source, and the guides on this setup are interchangeable to match the type of blade you want to sharpen.


  • Diamond Abrasives – No, flexible belts
  • Guides Incorporated into the Design – Yes, interchangeable
  • Left and Right-Handed Scissors – Both plus a host of blade styles


  • Allows you to sharpen several different blade styles
  • Belts are easy and cost-effective to replace
  • Sits securely on the table due to the heavier design


  • Can take a while to sharpen your scissors

3. Sharpal 104N Professional 5-in-1 Sharpening Tool

SHARPAL 104N Professional 5-in-1 Kitchen Chef Knife & Scissors Sharpener, Sharpening Tool for Straight & Serrated Knives, Repair and Hone both Euro/American and Asian Knife, Fast Sharpen Scissor

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This five-in-one sharpening tool from Sharpal is a professional-grade product that is very versatile, and you can safely and effectively use it to sharpen scissors, Chef knives, straight and serrated knives, and Asian-style knives. This product uses a durable tungsten carbide blade to give you the perfect edge and restore your scissors like new, and there are two different preset sharpening options that you can tailor to suit your style of scissors.

This scissor sharpener passes the 10,000 times field use test that ensures it’ll last through years of use without wearing down, and there is a rubber over-molded plastic base that is very ergonomic and comfortable to hold. You’ll get a three-year limited warranty with this scissor sharpener, and there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee that you can take advantage of with a very responsive customer service team.


  • Diamond Abrasives – No, tungsten carbide
  • Guides Incorporated into the Design – Yes, two
  • Left and Right-Handed Scissors – Both along with knives


  • Has two sharpening angles
  • Handle is very comfortable to hold and ergonomic
  • Passes the 10,000 use field test


  • Not wide enough for certain scissor types

4. LucKsury Sharpener for Knives and Scissors

Knife Sharpener, Manual Knife Scissors Sharpener, Professional 3 Stage Diamond Sharpening System Helps Repair, Restore and Polish Blades

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This is a diamond sharpening system that works on a host of sewing scissors and knives, and there are two slots for knives and one for your scissors to grind them back to a very sharp edge while eliminating burs. You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect angle to sharpen your scissors with this product, and it’ll start to work as soon as you place the scissor blade into the slot.

All you have to do to use this scissor sharpener is place it in the slot and pull it through two or three times in a row to help restore the edge to your scissors. There is a larger handle that makes it easy to stay in control, and the flat base sits against your sewing table to make it easy to use. There is a full year replacement warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee you can use if it doesn’t meet your expectations.


  • Diamond Abrasives – Yes
  • Guides Incorporated into the Design – Yes
  • Left and Right-Handed Scissors – Both


  • Has a smaller and lighter design
  • Handle is slightly larger and easy to hold
  • Sharpens edges in three to four passes


  • Scissor sharpener space is narrow

5. Kitchen Chef Sharpener Tool

Kitchen Chef Knife Sharpener Tool for Straight & Fillet Knives, Scissor Sharpeners Manual Knife sharpening Kit, 4 in 1 Diamond Coated & Fine Ceramic rod

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This versatile scissor sharpener from Xiaomaizi allows you to quickly and easily sharpen knives and scissors of all sizes, and it uses diamond abrasives with stainless steel to create a durable product that lasts for years. There is a quality ABS plastic body that will protect the scissor sharpener from embrittlement after you use it for years, and the stainless steel won’t rust or corrode. There is a three-stage sharpening system that lets you get the perfect edge and restore your scissors so they work like new.

You’ll choose from carbide blades, diamond abrasives, and ceramic rods when you use this scissor sharpener, and they’ll all ensure that you get the perfect edge to slice through your fabric and patterns. The larger handle gives you a safe place to hold the tool, so it doesn’t slip, and this handle also keeps your fingers well away from the edges of your blades when you sharpen them.


  • Diamond Abrasives – Yes
  • Guides Incorporated into the Design – No
  • Left and Right-Handed Scissors – Both


  • Has several sharpening systems included
  • ABS plastic body is lightweight and durable
  • Stainless steel won’t corrode, rust, or break down


  • Won’t sharpen on the first pass

6. Smith’s Jiffy-Pro Handheld Sharpener

Smith's 50185 Jiffy-Pro Handheld Sharpener

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The final scissor sharpener is a very simple design that centers on portability and ergonomics because it has a very lightweight design with a larger handle that is easy to grip. The bright color scheme makes it easy to pick this product out with the rest of your sewing supplies when you need it, and the scissor sharpener will work on left and right-handed designs of all sizes.

You can attach this product to your belt or bag to carry it with you between projects, and the tough ABS plastic body won’t rust, corrode, or break down easily with repeated use. The crossed carbide blades ensure you get a very sharp edge with minimal effort each time you use it, and there are also ceramic blades included that will help you hone your edge. The preset sharpening angle ensures you won’t have to worry about not using the correct angle on your expensive scissors.


  • Diamond Abrasives – Yes, plus two different crossed blades
  • Guides Incorporated into the Design – Yes
  • Left and Right-Handed Scissors – Both, plus knives


  • Very user-friendly design
  • Has a larger handle
  • Handle converts to a carrying hook


  • Carbide blades can be too harsh

Verdict & Review

Chef's Choice 500 Scissorpro
4.9 / 5 SewPoints
  • Uses two-stage diamond abrasives to sharpen
  • Has a low profile with an ergonomic design
  • Don't have to take scissors apart to sharpen them
  • Safe for knife-edge and conventional scissors
  • May have to run them through twice
The Chef's Choice 500 Scissorpro is a professional-grade setup that has a lower profile to help keep it out of the way when you work. We liked the built-in precision guides that ensured we never did too much with the scissors when we sharpened them, and it uses 100% diamond abrasives to sharpen the blades.

We were happy that it worked well for left and right-handed scissors, and this sharpener is an automatic one that takes all of the work from you. Finally, we liked that the legs adhered to the surface to ensure it doesn't slide around when you use it to keep you safe.
Ease of Use

Buying Guide

Now that you know what high-quality scissor sharpeners look like, you’ll need the correct criteria to help you narrow down the products until you find one that suits your needs the best. This buying guide will highlight the important considerations for you.

How Scissor Sharpeners Work

The first thing you want to understand is how your scissor sharpeners work. As you use your scissors, the cutting motion with the fabric will dull the blades, and these sharpeners can help you restore or maintain your cutting edge. Many of them come with several slots that feature a coarse texture made from carbide, diamond, or another durable abrasive that slides along the blade to bring the edge back.

Automatic or Manual

The first thing you have to decide is if you want to pull the scissors through the sharpener manually or if you want to place them in and let the sharpener work automatically. Both work very well, and it’s simply a matter of deciding how much control you want over the sharpening process. Automatic sharpeners can go quicker, but you get more control when you use manual ones.

Sharpening Agent

The agent the scissor sharpener has to bring the edge back to your blades can vary between diamond abrasives, carbide, tungsten, ceramic, and more. Ideally, your sharpener will come outfitted with diamond abrasives because they work best with the different types of sewing scissors. Pay close attention to the sharpening agent and make sure you get one that will last.


Your scissor sharpener will only last as long as the materials do, and thinner plastic will break down much quicker than a thick ABS plastic or a stainless steel design. Many sharpeners come with a mix of the two, but you want the majority of your materials to be very durable, so you don’t find yourself replacing it after a year or two. This goes for the body and the sharpening agent.


Since you’re going to sharpen a blade with this product, you want something that gives you a firm grip while keeping your fingers well out of the blade’s way. The handle should be large enough for you to grab onto comfortably, and many of them have a rubber mold over the plastic that makes it comfortable to use for extended periods. If you have larger hands, make sure you check the size of the handle, so you don’t get something too small.


Many scissor sharpeners add versatility by allowing you to sharper both serrated and non-serrated blades, and they also have the capability of sharpening left and right-handed scissors. They may come with more sharpening slots or agents, and you want it to be as versatile as possible, so you get the most use out of it.

Maintenance Requirements

Electric sharpeners will require you to perform more maintenance on them than manual ones will to keep them all in good working order. Electric models can also overheat with extended use, so make sure you’re aware of your particular scissor sharpener’s maintenance needs. Read the instructions and see if it can rust or corrode as well.


Generally speaking, most professional-grade scissor sharpeners will work well for both left and right-handed scissors. However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, so always double-check your product before you buy it.

They are usually safe for kids to use because they slots are too narrow to get their fingers in, but you should never leave your child unsupervised because they’ll have a sharp, bladed edge when they finish using it.

This answer will depend on the model and type of scissor sharpener you get. Lower-end choices usually don’t allow you to replace things like the sharpening agents when they don’t work anymore, but the higher-end models make it relatively easy to swap them out. You’ll have to decide how much you use it and whether or not it would be worth it to spend more upfront to get one that you can change the sharpening agents out.

You can accidentally take too much metal off the edge of your scissors if you’re not careful when you use your sharpener. This can eventually weaken the blade, so you should be very careful.

You can try, but many knife sharpeners are too narrow to support your scissors’ blade width. It’s a better idea to get a dual knife and scissor sharpener that has slots for both.

It will work if your scissors aren’t very dull and need some minor touch-ups. The sandpaper will smooth out dents and nicks in your blades, but it won’t actually sharpen the edge.

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