The Best Sewing Scissors of 2023

Scissors are one of the symbols of sewing for a reason, so we recommend using good ones!

You likely already have some scissors at home, and at first, you might use them for cutting fabric. But believe me, if you take high-quality tailor’s scissors in your hand and make several cuts with them, you will understand that each work should have its own tools.

It is time to get sewing scissors, and we will help you to do it right here!

Our Top List

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1. Kai 7250 10 Inch Professional Shears

Kai 7250 10 Inch Professional Shears

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Japanese Kai scissors with black handles are made of high-quality steel containing vanadium. They are hand-polished and perfectly balanced for cutting all types of fabrics without fatigue. Soft, ergonomic handles and reliable stainless-steel blades ensure excellent cutting. Kai’s scissors cut silk without hooks, while they quickly cut several layers of denim.

The 7000 series is a new generation of professional sartorial scissors. The scissors are made of stainless steel (3.7-4 mm thick) and hard metal. The shears are elegantly matted and connected by double screw engagement technology. The screw itself is also made of hardened steel. The blades must be wiped with a cloth after each use.

One of the essential advantages of Kai scissors is soft handle technology. Soft plastic handles provide comfortable operation and do not become rigid at low temperatures. Thanks to these teeth, when cutting several layers of material, the layers do not shift.

Using these scissors, you will carry out sewing and cutting much faster and with a good mood. We also need to say about the warranty, because all products have a quality certificate, as well as a warranty card. Also, you can always use our managers’ services, who will help you make a choice of products and tell you about all the advantages of each product.


  • High-quality steel
  • Cuts any fabric
  • Long-lasting


  • Doesn’t come with a storage case

2. Pink Power Electric Scissors & Box Cutter for Crafts

Pink Power Electric Fabric Scissors Box Cutter for Crafts, Sewing, Cardboard, Scrapbooking - Cordless Shears Cutting Tool

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With wireless control and a removable battery, this tool is easy to use and can be carried anywhere in your home, room, or workshop. Without bulky cords to get tangled or get in the way, these electric shears offer optimal mobility and handling at work.

This professional electric cutter comes with a rechargeable battery, which provides a full 1 hour of use. The scissors for needlework are lightweight and feature a compact design that makes them easy to store and carry. With two easy-to-install blades, you can complete any daily work, or project creation effortlessly.

These electric scissors are ideal for cutting all kinds of materials, including canvas, carpets, cardboard, corrugated, denim, fabrics, leather, plastic, cloth, and many other thin materials. It is an ideal item for cutting clothing, fabric, underwear, leather, composite materials, shoes and hats, furniture, packaging, curtain fabric, and many more. High efficiency, increased production capability, freeing up workloads, and reducing production costs.


  • Suitable for cutting many things
  • It is an excellent heat transfer
  • Portable and lightweight case


  • Noisy

3. Fiskars Titanium Easy Action Scissors

Fiskars Titanium Easy Action Scissors (No. 8), 8 Inch, Orange/White

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Professional sewing scissors Fiskars are manufactured in Finland. They are 8 inches, which makes it convenient to cut fabric and fabric of any density and structure. It also has an ergonomic and lightweight handle made of impact-resistant plastic. The scissors are made from high-quality Swedish steel with a hardness of 57 units on the Rockwell scale, which guarantees long and efficient operation even in daily use.

The design of the Fiskars Classic tailor’s scissors is also unique in that it allows you to tighten or loosen the tension between the blades using a well-thought-out screw design.

Intelligent technology, when cutting a dense material or several layers of fabric, takes into account the divergence of the blades and brings them together again. The movable blade shank transmits energy to the torsion bar, which sets the blade’s optimal angle for smooth and clear-cutting of the fabric.

The stylish and bright orange color will help you easily find sewing scissors, among other sewing tools and fabric scraps. The unique ergonomic shape of the handles provides control and comfort in the process.


  • Sharp blades ensure the excellent cutting quality
  • The tension of the blades is adjusted using a screw
  • Great for working with fabric, paper, and multi-layer materials


  • The shape might not feel comfortable at first

4. LucKsury Sharpener for Knives and Scissors

Knife Sharpener, Manual Knife Scissors Sharpener, Professional 3 Stage Diamond Sharpening System Helps Repair, Restore and Polish Blades

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A necessary tool for sewing, this ergonomic knife and scissor sharpener is made of quality materials. It has three slots for sharpening and straightening knives or scissors, and a non-slip base. The 3-stage sharpening system turns inexpensive knives into ultra-sharp tools! Rough edit to restore the damaged blade. Necessary sharpening to give a smooth V-shaped profile to the cutting edge.

Final finishing to eliminate burrs on the knife blade, as well as the daily edging of the cutting edge. You will not have to worry about the correct choice of sharpening angle with our knife because the correct sharpening angles are preset.

All you have to do is set the knife or scissors blade in the appropriate slot and hold the knife 5-10 times in one direction, and in just a few seconds, you will get a razor-sharp knife. The heavy-duty construction is designed for long service life, and a stable base with a non-slip coating ensures safety, convenience, and efficiency of knife and scissors sharpening.


  • You can sharpen scissors and knives with full support.
  • This whetstone can be used to sharpen any steel.
  • It has a rough and thin side, which determines the amount of sharpness on each pass.


  • It may take time to sharpen a very blunt blade.

5. LivingGo 8″ Professional Scissors for Dressmaking

LIVINGO 8" Professional Heavy Duty Tailor Fabric Scissors, Dressmaker Sewing Classic Stainless Steel Ultra Sharp Forged Shears, Bent

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Next in the rating is a brand LivingGo. This is an ideal option for those who operate at home office or in the work Studio. Scissors 8 inches long is made of durable steel. The steel inner ring allows you to avoid slipping your fingers and chafing. The tool perfectly cuts any dress materials and denim.

The blades converge entirely when cutting and are able to make small incisions. The product is manufactured in accordance with and pleases customers with its durability and smooth of process. The tailors are thrilled with completely smooth sections.


  • The ideal mixture of excellence and cost.
  • High-quality stainless-steel blade with added chrome.
  • Strong blades, resistant to deformation.


  • It is prohibited to cut something additional than fabric.

6. Singer Bundle – Detail Scissors

Singer Bundle - Detail Scissors, Thread Snips, 8.5" Scissors

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Sartorial scissors of the Singer brand have long gained popularity among both sewing masters and creative people in any direction of needlework. Due to the high quality of tool steel, the service life of Singer scissors is much longer than other Chinese analogs, and the cutting quality is not inferior to German brands.

They are made of carbon steel. The blades are chrome-plated, the handles are painted. Smooth edges, perfect sharpening. Adjustable connecting bolt. Easy-to-use handle. They are made in the classic version of the tailor’s scissors, where the lower handle is oval, and the upper one is rounded. It completely cuts both thin and dense fabrics.

Modern technologies have given some models a new, unusual look and additional functions. For example, there are scissors in the form of a pruner, with a titanium coating and locking mechanism, the handles of which are also made with convenient overlays. Innovative models of tailor’s scissors are quite versatile, but manufacturers also develop models designed to work with specific fabric types. Scissors for dense materials have a reinforced mount and wide blades.


  • Snipper scissors are comfortable to hold in your hand, thanks to the convenient ear.
  • It is made of durable steel, long hold sharpening.
  • The presence of plastic overlays with ergonomic cutouts.


  • Absence of separate storage cases.

Verdict & Review

Kai 7250 Professional Shears
4.6 / 5 SewPoints
  • High-quality steel
  • Cuts any fabric
  • Long-lasting
  • There is no storage case
This is a tool for cutting fabrics of various densities and cutting threads, including fishing line and nylon. Here, the sharpness of the blades and weight are outstanding, which do not allow the matter to shift and spoil the cut.

Tailoring requires not only care and skill: the master needs to have a good set of tools, and one of these is a pair of scissors. The pace and performance of task depend on the correct choice. The range is continually expanding, and manufacturers offer more and more products with different characteristics. We offer you a top of the most trustworthy scissors for tailors: high-strength, quality and at an affordability with an attractive price. This is why KAI is the best choice!

Ease of Use

Buying Guide

Among the best sartorial scissors are those that are easy to work with, convenient to cut and trim the fabric. Often the seamstress has several varieties of scissors in her Arsenal but prefers to use one for all operations because of their convenience. The tool should fit easily in your hand, not RUB your fingers, be not too heavy, and perfectly sharpened. The quality of the cut and tailoring depends on this.

The quality of the tailor’s work depends on whether his tool is sharpened well enough. Sartorial self-sharpening scissors do not blunt much longer than usual. Their blades are covered with a special alloy and do sharpening micro session. Therefore, they do not require frequent sharpening, and if they are used only at home and from time to time. In general, they can serve forever.

Scissors should be chosen depending on what types of fabrics you most often have to work with. The longer the blades, the thicker the materials they can cut. However, scissors for cutting aramid fabrics (such as Kevlar or carbon) have only 8-9. 5 cm long blades from the screw, with a thickness of about 4 mm and increased hardness. They have a system of double screw attachment so that it does not scroll when working.

What you should pay attention to

The scissors must be made of high-alloy stainless steel and have laser-sharpened blades. The thickness of the blades is also necessary. The optimal value is 3 mm, at which the scissors will remain light, but will be resistant to deformation when cutting coarse fabric. Slits in the blades make the tool lighter, but they are impractical when working with heavy, dense material.

An important factor when choosing is ergonomic handles. Plastic easily damaged and rubberized to prevent chafing of the skin on the hands. Some models are equipped with wide plastic overlays with an oblique cut. They are located along the line of the hand and make the scissors convenient to work with. Choosing a pair of scissors for yourself makes it convenient to evaluate their appearance on the photo on the Internet and study the characteristics.

How to choose sartorial scissors

  1. Evaluate the shape: if the small ring is wound up, then only the blades will move under the fabric, which makes it easier to cut.
  2. Decide on the size: choose the length of the blades according to the fabric that will be used for sewing.
  3. Check the lower blade: if it’s sharp, it’ll be easy to get the scissors under the fabric and start cutting it.
  4. For left-handers, special models of scissors are provided with a mirror arrangement of the blades, which is convenient when cutting fabric with the left hand.

Other Tips

  • Clean the scissors from lint and dust before working, so they will remain sharp much longer.
  • Sharpen the scissors only with a professional on specialized equipment; this is the only way to maintain the required sharpening angle accurately!
  • Do not use tailor’s scissors to work with other materials: paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.
  • If you have to cut a bolt of lightning or metallic thread, buy for this to work a separate pair of scissors.
  • A pair of scissors with a screw connection can be twisted with a screwdriver if the connection is loose. The scissors on the rivet can also be tightened, but you need to contact a specialist for this.
    The blades of scissors after cutting the fabric should be wiped with a dry clean cloth. Store the tool in a dry place. A drawer for sewing supplies will do, but the scissors must have a special compartment so that the blades do not blunt.
  • For different types of fabric thickness, it is necessary to select the appropriate kind of scissors. Too much effort when cutting thick leather with a pair of chiffon scissors or trying to cut several layers of dense fabric at the same time will cause the tool to break.
  • It is useful to periodically lubricate the fixing screw with a special oil for sewing devices. If you need to sharpen the blades, it is carried out only in a professional workshop. To check the quality of sharpening, take a piece of chiffon and cut one layer of it along, across, diagonally, and in a circle. Scissors should easily cut the fabric with the entire blade to the tips.


An experienced cutter can boast of its Arsenal, where several working tools for performing all sorts of operations. The minimum set consists of the following products: tailor’s, cutting scissors, and thread cutting. Each of these types is designed to perform a specific task. Therefore, they cannot be replaced by searching for an alternative option.
A distinctive feature of a professional part from a stationery one is the vast shape and a unique angle of well-sharpened blades. This will ensure a neat cut of the edges of the fabric.

When dealing with the differences between cutting scissors, it is important to consider their general characteristics, which will be much more in comparison with the differences. For example, sharp sharpening that cannot be done at home. It is made exclusively on a professional machine. This angle contributes to high-quality work with different types of materials, which differ in the degree of density. Any part of the cutting end performs cutting.

To extend the service life of each part, we recommend using them strictly for their intended purpose. It is not necessary to cut cardboard or thick paper with products for cutting. This leads to the fact that the metal loses its properties and quickly blunts.

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