Singer 2259 Tradition Review

Singer 2259 Tradition Review

Singer 2259 Tradition Review

Design - 91%
Functionality - 90%
Price - 100%



Fantastic Value

Singer are a giant in the sewing machine industry, consistently delivering high quality products. The Singer 2259 Tradition follows that trend by offering a great sewing experience at an extremely affordable price. For experienced users the 2259 may be a bit light in terms of stitch options, only featuring a modest 19. However it is a great machine for beginners. The must haves for a sewing machine to be suitable for beginners are affordability and simplicity. When starting out there is no point in spending too much before you have grasped the basics. When writing this Singer 2259 Tradition review what was most clear is that the singer 2259 would make a fantastic first machine for someone new to sewing and why I have it in my list of best sewing machines for beginners.


While many budget machines cut corners on the materials and design the singer 2259 is has lovely elegant frame that is made from high quality white plastic that has a glossy finish.  All the buttons and dials are clearly labelled making it simple to use. The first thing I like to do with any machine I am using for the first time is use all the dials, levers and buttons. It is the fastest way to determine the build quality. The Singer 2259 fared well in this test with everything feeling well put together. Great positive in a machine that is so affordable.

In terms of size it is fairly compact with dimensions of 15×6.2×12 inches and a weight of 17.6 pounds. This is great for those that sew in different locations or beginners that may wish to attend a sewing class. Under the skin is a metal frame that gives the machine a sturdy feel and as I will talk about later good performance.


Given its price the Singer 2259 does well in terms of features, nothing that will blow your mind but more than some of its rivals. Firstly there is a free arm increasing what you can do with it and is perfect for sewing cuffs or sleeves. Attached to this is also a storage area to hold all you accessories.

There is a built in 10 watt light that will illuminates the work space and has a replaceable bulb for when it runs out. The work space itself is a decent size offering enough room for you and your material. A feature I love is the auto needle threading. It saves so much time and makes life loads easier for those who struggle threading a needle by hand. Another great little quality of life feature is the automatic bobbin winder. Super handy and a real life saver.

One thing that may put some off is that it features a front loaded bobbin rather than a top loaded bobbin. Admittedly not quite as easy to use since you must remove the extension table if you are using it. However, after using it for a while it becomes second nature. Front loaded bobbins do have a reputation of jamming more, in my time using the Singer 2259 I didn’t get a single jam. Being a Singer the mechanism is of the highest quality so I would not let it put you off.

Singer 2259 Sewing Machine


One of the most important things to consider before purchasing a sewing machine is the number of stitches. With 19 the Singer 2295 leaves you with enough variety for many project but may be too few for some. There are 8 basic stitches, 4 stretch stitches, 6 decorative stitches and a 4 step buttonhole. The addition of a 4 step buttonhole is really convenient and a surprise at this price point.

Stitches can be selected using the dial on the front of the machine that features a diagram of each of them. Increasing the level of customisation stitch length and width are both adjustable up to 4.2mm and 4.5mm respectively via a dial, allowing for strong seem.


One aspect that makes Singer machines stand out is how easy they are to setup. Threading the 2259 is no problem making it a perfect machine to start learning. Beginners should always read the instruction manual before starting using their new machine. The Singer 2259 comes with one of the most comprehensive manuals that I have ever seen, walking you through all the necessary steps and features. To add to this is a DVD that gives a fantastic visual reference to learning its functionality.

As well as the manual and DVD the 2259 comes with a great range of accessories so you will not need to buy any extras to get started.

Included accessories are:

  • Needles
  • 3 Bobbins
  • Foot control with a lead
  • Spool holders
  • Darning plate
  • Edge guide
  • Bottle of oil
  • Screwdriver
  • Seam ripper
  • Dust cover
  • 4 presser feet

As you can see everything that you might expect is included. The presser feet that come with the machine are the general purpose presser foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot and a zipper foot. It is great to see 4 presser feet included with this machine since each foot can cost around $20 to buy separately. The general purpose foot will do most of the work with the others allowing you produce professional buttonholes/buttons and zipper. These capabilities will allow for a great variety in projects including making or customizing clothes. This is another reason this machine is so popular with beginners because customizing clothes is a great entry point into sewing.

It is possible to do more with this machine since Singer have additional presser feet available that are compatible with the 2259. Some of my favorite additional feet are the roller foot, which is great for those thicker fabrics or textured material and the cording foot, perfect for adding embellishment with yarn or braids. Keep in mind that you will have for these additions with each foot costing around $20.

The final optional extra is the carry bag which has a beautiful red polka dot design and is perfect for transporting your machine. The bag is robust but not completely solid, if you would prefer something sturdier hard cases are available.

Singer 2259 Tradition Accessories


The most important thing to consider is the performance tests. This was the most surprising aspect of this machine. It ran remarkably well for such an affordable machine. Having used it on a variety of fabrics it holds pretty well against thicker material but did start to struggle with multiple layers of denim. When we consider who this machine appeals to, I think it over performs. It offers a simple and smooth experience which is why I think that it is one of the best sewing machines for kids. Please click here to see my list of best sewing machines for kids.


Number of Stitches: 19

Bobbin Loading: Front

Weight: 17.6 lbs

Dimensions: 15×6.2×12 inches

Included Presser feet: 4

Auto Buttonholes: 4-step

Auto Needle Threading: Yes

Singer 2259 Features


To finish this review: the Singer 2259 offers a fantastic affordable option that will not leave you feeling like you are using a budget machine. Its price and simplicity make it a great choice for beginners, offering a fantastic environment to learn how to sew. If you would like to see what other users thought of it please click here to read more reviews. Singer rarely fail to deliver on quality, please click here if you would like to see more sewing machines available from Singer.

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  • Fantastic value
  • Lots of great features
  • Metal frame
  • Great performance
  • Simple clean design


  • Front Loading Bobbin
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