singer 4411 sewing machine


Design - 100%
Functionality - 99%
Price - 100%
Features - 84%



Fantastic simple mechanical sewing machine capable of some truly heavy sewing!


The Singer 4411 heavy duty is a bare bones machine that has a super-fast sewing speed and sturdy construction that will tackle any fabric. It has rugged industrial look that represents what the machine is all about. Bringing a taste of commercial sewing to the household for a fraction of the price, the 4411 is machine for the purest. With only 11 on-board stitches it strips away the mass of features found on more modern computerized machines and provides a reliable, pure sewing experience. While I love computerized machine and everything they offer the singer 4411 has made it into my 10 best sewing machine of 2017. By stripping back on all the extras and going back to basics it allows you to really enjoy sewing in its simplest form.

If you are new to sewing and looking for your first machine then the 4411 is a great choice. I have it in my best sewing machines for beginners, when you start learning to sew too many features can get in the way. Often computerized machines make thing so easy that user never get the basics right. You will not be able to cheat when using the Singer 4411, but you will become a better seamstress as a result. I have taught sewing for many years and have seen so many seamstress who have experience but rely too much on the comforts of their computerized machines.

Key Features

  • 1100 stitches per minute. Incredibly sewing speed much quicker than most machines.
  • Heavy Duty Metal frame. This will keep the machine from skipping even with the heaviest of materials
  • 11 on board stitches. A basic array of stitches but enough for many projects.
  • Top loaded bobbin. Very easy load and much more reliable.
  • Stainless bedplate. Really smooth feeding of fabric.
  • Clear bobbin window. Great little feature allowing you to check you much fabric you have left.
  • Built in carry handle. Great for transporting around.


singer 4411 heavy duty

Singer 4411 Review: Is mechanical for you?

Sewing machines are very personal. Each seamstress will have different needs, likes and dislikes. Mechanical machine offer the purest sewing experience, however often do not have the range of features that a computerized machine does. The 4411 gives you an amazing sense of control that you only get with mechanical machines. I recommend that if you haven’t own a mechanical machine to seriously consider getting your first one.

Singer 4411 review: Metal frame and sewing speed.

The standout feature of this machines its performance with heavy materials at high sewing speeds. With many machines designed for household use limited to around 750 stitches per minute the singer 4411 blows them out of the water with its massive 1100 stitches per minute. If you have a lot of work to get through the extra speed is an absolute must. The Singer 4411 will enable you to produce high quality work much more efficiently than many of its rivals.

What allows the 4411 to handle the increased speed is its construction. It has a sturdy metal frame and aluminium body that makes it a much more robust machine. This really does make it a heavy duty machine capable of sewing very heavy fabrics that lighter machine would not be able to handle. There is nothing more frustrating than having to slow down to snail’s pace because your machine cannot handle the fabric that you are using. This will not be a problem with the Signer 4411, you will be able to sew confidently with speed no matter how tough the material you are using. To power you through Singer have included a motor that is 60% more powerful than there standard, keeping the performance smooth. Not once did I feel that the motor was struggling.

Singer 4411 review: 11 on board stitches

Having only 11 stitch function the 4411 is fairly limited. However, it purpose is for powerful basic sewing. It has enough options giving you a bit more versatility in your projects with a few decorative stitches, twin needle sewing and a 4 step buttonhole feature. While you will not be making clothes or embroidering with 4411, it is perfect for anything with lots of straight sewing like tough outdoor equipment.

I have mentioned that is it a great machine for beginners but it is also perfect for experienced seamstress that need to be able to do lots of basic stitching quickly, especially on materials like denim or canvas. Don’t get the wrong idea. This is not a commercial machine but as they are so expensive, often costing well over $1000, this is perfect for anyone needs a machine that has comparable performance for a fraction of the cost. The 11 stitches are made up of 6 basic stitches, an auto 4-step buttonhole and 4 decorative stitches. Also included are the presser feet that you will for each of them. The presser feet are: an all-purpose foot, a zipper foot, and button sewing foot and a buttonhole foot.

singer 4411 control

Singer 4411 review: What’s Included?

Along with the presser feet you will also get a range of accessories. This includes: needle, bobbins, a quilting guide, screwdriver, spool pin, spool pin felt, seam ripper, power cord, foot pedal, guide book and soft case. This will be everything you need to get started and the soft case offer good protection if you do not plan on moving your machine around.

If you are interested in taking your machine around with you then I would recommend one of the optional cases that are available. There is the choice of a standard hard case which offers great projection and features a handle to carry it around. The 4411 only weighs 15lbs so it is very transportable. The other option is a roller bag. This is great for those who want to be able to take their machine around be foot. Not only does it make transportation much easier, it is beautifully designed.

The guide book is very detailed and I highly recommend you read it before getting started. It does a great job of running you through the setup. If you would like more singer have great online resources available. Singer provide a 25 year limited warranty on the machine head and 5 year warranty on most other features.

Singer 4411 review: Comparison

There are two more machines in Singers heavy duty range, the 4411 being the most basic. There is also the 4423 and 4458. Both feature an automatic needle threader which is absent on the 4411 and contain more on-board stitches. The 4423 features an additional 8 decorative stitches and 4 stretches, while the 4432 features an additional 14 decorative stitches and 7 stretch stitches. Both also feature a 1-step buttonhole which does simplify the process.

Both offer more versatility the 4411 but are more expensive. For many, especially those who only need basic stitches, the extra features may be necessary. If you would like to see what I thought of Singer 4423 please take a look at my review. The machine in the heavy duty series is best for you depends on your personal needs. If you are only interest in the basic stitches then 4411 is defiantly the best as both the 4423 and 4432 cost more.

Who is the 4411 for?

This is a machine that has something to offer you regardless of you experience. For beginners learning to sew on a mechanical machine will force you to learn many skills that a computerized machine will not. Making you a better seamstress in the long run. The 4411 is a great choice because it is offers the best performance on the price range and is durable giving you the best platform to learn.

While not a commercial machine the 4411 is a great place to start if you want to start a small business from home. If you want to turn sewing into a business then the most important factor is efficiency. The more products that you can produce in an hour the more money you will make. With its sturdy construction and super high speed the 4411 will enable you to get through plenty of work in a short space of time.


While it is a fantastic machine it is not perfect. As you can imagine working on heavy fabrics at such high speed puts a lot of strain on the needle and they can easily break. The needles provided are not the highest quality so purchasing your own is definitely recommended. Breaking needle can be avoided by having the correct tension and presser foot pressure. Once you have the setting correct it shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

I was surprised to see that there is no auto needle threading. This feature is standard on most machines now. There is no one step buttonhole feature which makes making buttonholes much more involved than other machines, however, the 4-step buttonhole does work well. The 4411 does not stop automatically when making buttonholes so you will need to be careful to stop in the correct place.

Pros and Cons


  • Amazing value for money
  • Fantastic performance
  • 1100 stitches per minute
  • Heavy Duty


  • Only 11 on-board stitches
  • Needles can break
  • No auto needle threader

singer 4411 mechanical


Whether you are beginner or experienced seamstress, this machine has something for you. At such a low cost the performance is truly amazing. Giving a pure sewing experience. Singer have really captured what is important in a sewing machine with the 4411 focusing on quality rather than including unnecessary features. The ability to sew at such high speeds so reliably is normally reserved for much more expensive machines. As soon as you get it out of the box the build quality will definitely surprise you considering the price. It feels like a machine that cost hundreds and hundreds dollars.

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