Singer 7258 Review

Singer 7258


Design - 97%
Functionality - 99%
Price - 95%
Features - 96%



Brilliant mechanical sewing machine that has something for everyone.


Singer have impressed me yet again with the 7258. It packs a lot of punch for an affordable price. With great features and accessories it is easy to see why this machine is so loved by users. I have it in my best 10 sewing machines for 2017 because of how versatile it is and great value.

This is a great machine for everyone regardless of experience. With 100 on board stitches, a great display and plenty of automation it is a great buy. It comes with a great range of presser feet giving you lots of options on your projects. The metal frame keep things smooth and skip free, allowing you to sew with confidence.

If you are looking for you first computerized sewing machine then this is a great choice. It has plenty of great feature while being really easy to set up and use.

Key Features and Highlights

  • 100 on-board stitches, great range of stitches gives you plenty of versatility.
  • 10 included presser feet, massive range of presser feet giving you plenty of options and saving you money.
  • Top loaded bobbin, Easy loading bobbin with clear window so you can see when you are running low on thread.
  • LED display, gives you info on selected stitch and stitch size.
  • Automated needle threading, Makes threading the needle super easy and hassle free.
  • Auto bobbin winding.
  • Free arm, Perfect for anything cylindrical like cuffs.
  • Metal Frame, makes for fantastic performance and smooth sewing on even heavy fabrics.
  • 750 stitches per minute
  • Stop/start button, gives you the option of not using the foot pedal if you prefer.
  • Easily adjustable sewing speed, speed slider is really easy to use and have multiple use depending on whether you are using the foot pedal.

100 on-board stitches

Singer have included 100 on-board stitches in the 7258. Featuring 6 buttonholes which are all 1-step and plenty of basic stitches, this machine will be enough for most users allowing you to take on many projects like making clothes.  To add to this there is also a great range of decorative and quilting stitches giving you even more options. When choosing which machine is right for you stitch count should play an important role. Not that more is always better, but you need to know that you will have what you need for the projects that you are going to be undertaking. This is why the singer 7258 is great for most users, not only is 100 on-board stitches a large number to choose from, there is a brilliant variety of stitches.

You will have to ability to customise the size of most of the stitches to suit your needs with a maximum length of 5mm and max width of 7mm. All stitches are easily selected through the LED display, by simply selecting the stitch number. There is a diagram on the face of the machine with each stitch and their corresponding number.

A feature I love about this machine is the 1-step buttonhole feature. It is super simple to use and gives fantastic results. You selected the buttonhole stitch that you want, connect the buttonhole presser foot and you are ready to go! All the stitch will automatically strengthen the angles giving you strong, reliable buttonholes.



Singer 7258 Stitches

Automation and Display

Computerized machines can be intimidating for some users. I am not surprised since some are over-complicated and difficult to use. The Singer 7258 is not one of these machines. It has been designed wonderfully to be easy and intuitive to use.

There are only six buttons to navigate the display, the first two rectangular buttons are for selecting you stitch number, with the left one selecting you first digit and the right selecting your second digit. Once you have selected your stitch you can adjust the size using the four buttons in a circle. Up and down will can the length while left and right will change the width. It is so simple! To make it even easier once you select a stitch it will automatically select the optimum length and width, often making it not necessary for you to adjust it yourself. The display itself is a bit small but tells you everything you need and has enough backlighting for use in a dim room.

In terms of automation there is an auto needle threader, stop/start button, auto tension and auto bobbin winding. While fairly standard features, it is great that it is all included making the whole experience of sewing with the 7258 much smooth and more enjoyable. As I say in most my reviews I love the auto needle threader, while threading a needle isn’t the most difficult thing for some user, it can cause others who have reduced dexterity in their hands and fingers some issues.

Having a stop/start button is a handy features as it allows you to use the machine without a foot pedal if you prefer. When not using the foot pedal the speed can be easily changed using the slider. <Moving it to the left will slow down the machine while moving the slider to the right will speed the sewing up to a max of 750 stitches per minute. When the foot pedal is attached the sewing speed slider can be used to set a limit on the stitches per minute.

What’s Included?

When you first get a new machine the set up can be a bit of a pain. The singer 7258 comes with a great guide manual and DVD that will help you to get every set up just right. The DVD takes you through all the basics step by step and will show you around all the features and how they work.

Like most singer machines the 7258 comes well equipped with plenty of great accessories. First and for most are the presser feet. You will receive a massive 10 presser feet with the singer 7258. This so many options and save you money! Presser feet can be really expensive, often costing up to $40 each, I really appreciate when a manufacturer includes plenty of presser feet as standard with a machine.

Not only that but they are super easy to attach. They use a clip-on feature so no need to screw them on and off. To change foot you simply clip off the current on that you are using then place the replacement under the foot mount and bring it down onto the foot. It should simply clip-on taking only a few seconds to change. If this is you first time with this type of presser foot it may take a couple of goes to find the correct position but you will have it in no time.

The Included presser feet are: all-purpose, buttonhole, zipper, Rolled hem, satin stitch, overcasting, gathering and Embroidery feet.

Singer have also included all accessories that you would usually expect. You will get a pack of needle, bobbins, soft case, spool pin, , foot pedal, guide manual, DVD guide, power cable, screwdriver and more!

The soft case that comes as standard is great for keeping the dust off the machine and will give some protection during transport. If you do plan on transporting the machine often I would recommend the optional hard case that is available as it will give you much more protection then soft case.

For those of you who do sew in different locations the singer 7258 is a great option as it only weights 19lbs. A little heavier than other machines of  the same size but still very manageable and light for a metal framed machine.


Possibly the biggest highlight of the singer 7258 is how well it performs. I have spent the many hours working with this machine and couldn’t believe how well it performs. The metal frame makes the world of difference. It keeps the machine so still and skip free at high speeds, even with heavy fabrics.

A feature that I found myself using all the time is the needle up/down button. It allows you to choose if the needle finishes in the up or down position. Finishing in the down is great for tight angles, allowing you to stop sewing to turn you fabric and then continue in one continuous stitch.

I found all the presser feet work fantastically well. Buttonhole are all very easy to apply and the adding zippers worked really well. If you want to make clothes the 7258 is a great option, I have used machines in the past which really struggle to add zippers and buttonholes properly. With this machine it is super easy and you will get a professional finish.


If you are looking for you first machine this may be perfect for you. It has many benefits over other machines aimed at beginners, since it is a computerized machine with a metal frame. If you would like to see how compare with other machine aimed at beginners then please check out me best sewing machines for beginners.

It is a little more expensive than other machines on the list, however, is worth the extra money if you can afford it. This machine has everything you need to learn the basics like plenty of automation and an easy to use display, while having enough features to for more challenging projects and fantastic performance.

What this will give you over other, more affordable, machines aimed at beginners is the metal frame. If you have never sewn then believe me when I say that it makes all the difference. Plastic framed machine perform okay but start to have skip when the material becomes thick. The metal frame will keep you sewing super smoothly making it a much more fun machine to learn on.


There is a work light however it is not bright enough. Bare this is in mind as you may need another lamp particularly if you room is not that well-lit.

You cannot change the pressure of the pressure feet, it will adjust automatically. Whether this bothers you or not depends on the type of projects you are undertaking and how much control you like to have. I do prefer to be to manually adjust the pressure but I did find that the automatic adjustment was good.

Pros and Cons


  • Great Value
  • Super sturdy metal frame
  • 100 built in stitches.
  • 1-step buttonholes.
  • Lots of Accessorise


  • Work light is not bright enough
  • Cannot change presser foot pressure.


It is not often that a machine is so suitable for so many different users. Often users have to decided whether they want something sturdy, with good performance or a computerized machine with lots of stitches and features. For those who want both they need to pay a lot of money.

That is where is Singer 7258 comes in. It offers so much for such a fantastic price without compromising on quality. It has all the benefits of a computerized machine without over-complicating things and the smooth, reliable stitching of a heavy duty machine.

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