Singer One Review

Singer One Review

Singer One Review

Design - 100%
Functionality - 88%
Price - 88%



Modern Vintage

Singer are probably the best known name in the sewing machine industry. Making some of the best machines. The Singer One is a look back to the past, taking iconic designs and bringing them in the 21st century. This computerized sewing machine is fantastic choice for beginners and advanced users who are looking for something unique that stands out. With enough stitches and features for most projects the Singer One has something for everyone. This review will illustrate why the Singer One is a must for those who love iconic sewing machines and vintage style. If you are looking to buy your first machine then check out my list of best sewing machines for beginners.


The first point to make is that this is a beautiful sewing machine. Singer set out to make a vintage inspired sewing machine and they have done a fantastic job. The shape of the body is a perfect blend of modern and vintage. It is clear that they looked at some of their most iconic machines for inspiration, the wheel a throwback to some of those designs. When comparing this machine with others on the market, its design is a real selling point. Making it standout from any of its rivals. Normally the aesthetics of a machine is least important factor however, this machine has so much style that it is really hard not choose it based purely on that.

In terms of size and weight it is a big machine. Weighing in at 18.5 lbs with dimensions 23 x 10 x 13 inches it is defiantly one of the biggest home sewing machines on the market. With many modern machines weighing around 10 lbs, it is much less portable. For those that wish to attend sewing classes or will need to put there machine away after each use it is something that might be off putting. Undoubtedly the extra weight will be coming from the heavy metal frame which at least should lead to superior performance.

After inspection of the buttons and dials it is clearly well made and screen is nice and bright, all be it a little small. Not only is its shape fantastic it has some fantastic decals that really add to vintage design.


Thankfully it features a top loading bobbin that is both jam-resistant and automatically winding. Not only that it is a drop and sew system so there is no need to raise the thread, once the bobbin is in place it is ready to go. Top loaded bobbins are much easy to change and far more reliable than front loading bobbins. The Singer One also features Singer’s SwiftSmart threading system which makes it one of the simplest sewing machines to setup. There is also an automatic needle threader that will save time and really adds to the accessibility. Often threading a needle can be difficult for those that have poor eye sight or trouble with hand dexterity, the automation eliminates this problem.

While there is no separate extra wide extension table the extension table is much wider than most standard machines which is great for large projects such as quilting. However, there it is angled so it does loose some of its functionality. This seems to be a case of style over substance. Removing the extension table allows access to the accessory storage area. Offering plenty of room for the accessories that come with the machines and more. To help illuminate the work area Singer have included a 3 bulb LED light which is super bright so you will not need an additional work lamp.

One very interesting feature that is not common is the way in which the stitches are selected. Many machines feature a stitch diagram, however, with the Singer One stitches selected by pressing the picture of the stitch rather than selecting a number corresponding to a stitch. This actually works well and makes selecting stitches even quicker. The selected stitch will be indicated by a dim red glow behind the picture which is a nice touch.

Singer One


The versatility of a sewing machine is often decided by the number of stitches that it has. Having more stitches and stitch functions offers the opportunity for a larger range of projects. The Singer One only has 24 built-in stitches. Some may think this isn’t enough and would expect more from a computerized sewing machine however, this will enough for the majority of projects. When using a machine with hundreds of built in stitches, rarely are most of them utilized. The stitches include 6 essential stitches, 4 stretch stitches, 12 decorative stitches and 2 fully automated 1-step buttonholes.

As mentioned stitches are selected by pressing its picture on the face of the machine. The length and width of each stitch can also be customized by using the buttons to the left and right of LCD screen. The length can be altered up to a maximum of 5mm and the width can be altered up to a maximum of 7mm.


This machine is perfect for beginners because it is one of the easiest machine to setup on the market. The SwiftSmart system makes threading so fast and consistent. The drop and sew bobbin is one of the best bobbin systems currently available. It is recommended for both beginners and advanced users to read through the instruction manual before starting setup. It is really in-depth and explains all the functions of the machine clearly. Singer have a great online community available through social media where there is always someone willing to help. I personally have used it a sew times for advice. Finally there are some great video tutorials produced by Singer cover threading, loading the bobbin and presser feet.

As well as the instructional information there is also a great range of other accessories that are included when you purchase the Singer One. The included accessories are:

  • Needles
  • Bobbins
  • Needle plate screwdriver
  • Lint brush/seam ripper
  • Foot control
  • Power Cord
  • Spool pin felt
  • Aux spool pin
  • Thread pool cap
  • 5 presser feet.
  • Soft case

There is no need to buy anything extra to get started. Singer have included a range of presser feet that allows for a fair amount of variety without having to purchase anymore separately. The Included presser feet are: all-purpose foot, blind hem foot, one-step buttonhole foot, zipper foot and satin stitch foot.  The number of included presser feet tend to correlate with the number of built-in stitches, since the Singer One has a modest 24 stitches there is only 5 presser feet. While it would be nice to have a few come as standard these 5 do allow to use each stitch to its full potential. There are extra feet available for around $20 each that will be compatible with a range of Singer machines. One feature I love is the presser foot sensor this will let you know if the foot is placed correctly before use. Avoiding damage to the machine or the foot.

It is great that there is a case included, one real plus to buying a Singer. They almost always include a case of some kind with their machines. It only a soft case so some users may wish to purchase a separate hard case for added protection or easier transport.

Singer One sewing


In terms of performance it is hard to fault the Singer One. In most cases I had no problem sewing at full speed. When moving on to thicker materials, it was important to slow down to get smooth results but it still did well. It has a 7 point feed dog which pulls the fabric through smoothly and the machine can sew at up to 750 stitches per minute. There is a foot control included which is a real plus since it allows you to choose how you sew. Beginners will benefit from the ability to learn how to sew using the foot pedal and stop/start button. There is also a speed control that will allow you to change speed when using the stop/start button. For reviews of some of the best heavy duty sewing machines click here.


Number of Stitches: 24

Stitch Speed: 750

Bobbin Loading: Top

Weight: 18.5 lbs

Dimensions: 23 x 10 x 13 inches

Included Presser feet: 5

Auto Buttonholes: 2 styles of 1-step Auto sizing

Auto Needle Threading: Yes

Warranty: 25 Years Limited



Singer One Sewing machine


To concluded this review: The Singer One is a machine that takes the past and brings it into the modern world. With beautiful vintage inspired design this machine is for those that want to make a statement. It is simple and has some really great features that make it one the easiest machines to use however, it does lack the versatility some of its rivals have. It is best suited to those that want a simple well-made machine, without unnecessary features.

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  • Best looking machine on the market
  • Sturdy construction
  • SwiftSmart threading system
  • Drop and sew top loaded bobbin.
  • Super bright LED lamp
  • Easy setup
  • Good performance


  • Could get more for you money in terms of features
  • Only 24 built-in stitches
  • Only 5 presser feet included
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